VINTAGE BRAKE is dedicated to serving the premium/high performance brake lining needs of the Vintage & Classic bike owner. We specialize in drum brake linings suitable for mechanical leverage ratios. Properly done, drum brakes can perform better than ever before, surpassing early disc performance.
We carry a selection of ready-to-install FERODO complete replacement shoe to fit Japanese street bikes, Britbikes, and early MXers. These have proved superior to OEM, and capable of roadrace duty on rear brakes, as well as having good power and feel off-road.
Early disc-braked motorcycles universally suffered from poor hydraulic leverage ratios. With modern leverage ratios and friction materials, like-modern performance is on tap, with the potential for overpowering vintage chassis.
We have disc pads and shoes for most vintage European and Japanese bikes. Also available are Lockheed, Brembo, Hurst/Airheart, and Grimeca calipers and master cylinders (and parts), as well as BrakeTech, EBC, Galfer, and Brembo rotors. FERODO pads are available in the new Platinum series, as well as SinterGrip, with some applications available in CP911* and CP901. Race compounds for Lockheed, Grimeca, Brembo, ATE, early Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and others. Brembo, EBC, Borg-Warner, and Galfer pads for some applications.
VINTAGE BRAKE also offers such accessories as Magura and Tommaselli controls; heavy duty cables and fittings; Goodridge coated stainless steel brake lines; anodized and chrome fittings; custom cast iron billet rotors, and rotor refinishing and modification; used drum brakes; wheel building, with rims of all types, specializing in valanced rims from Excel, Morad (Akront), and Valante; Four Leading Shoe brakes from Dick Hunt Racing, and Grimeca; and suspension from Works Performance, Progressive Suspension and Race Tech.
No one else offers such a wide selection of quality brake components for the vintage enthusiast!



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                                                      World's finest early Triumph rotors now available.

                                              6061 billet carriers, with SBK-spec clear anodize, semi-floating steel rivets,

                                                      cryo'ed computer-controlled cast iron billet blades. 3 lbs. 6 oz.

                                                                              AHRMA, USCRA, WERA legal