2520V, the compound that's won hundreds of motorcycle championships worldwide, now is available to STOP your Model T

"We really like the 2520V lining. We have been testing this lining compound for about a year now canít find anything wrong with it! Although weíre using the small drum outside brake, the brakes are always good with this lining. On this application, the linings are wearing slowly, seldom is adjustment required and they work equally well wet or dry. We spent two weeks in August in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Testing these brakes. We drove over 1750 miles, over the roughest terrain imaginable, going over 9 mountains passes. I have used these small drum AC brakes since 1975 and this is the first lining compound Iíve found that really does the job. When your life and those of your family are at stake, wouldnít you want the very best?"

"This is my honest opinion, and I have no financial benefit from the sale of this product. The plain truth is that these linings are by far the best Iíve ever used."

 Fred Houston, The Model T Garage, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.